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Our Services

Ethnographic Studies

The process of habitat planning starts with ethnographic studies. The purpose of the study is to identify the historical and cultural heritage of the local people, their socio-economic needs and their inherent potential and skills.

Sewerage System

Growing concern for hygiene and sanitation necessitates all settlements to have properly designed sewerage system completely segregated from storm water system. The affluent water from the sewerage system needs to be treated in a sewage system treatment plant not only for recycle and reuse but also before it is drained into nalaahs and rivers.

Landscaping, Parks and Forests

Scenically designed greeneries in and around a city is of prime importance. This not only enhances the optics of the place and provides environment benefits but also contributes largely to feel good factor of the residents.

Road Network Enhancement, Traffic Management and Parking

Most of the towns and cities have burgeoned over a period of time in a haphazard manner with road networks developed subsequently as feeders. This has resulted in clumsy road networks leaning to congestion and traffic jams. All such places need a rework towards capacity enhancements, traffic management measures and spacious parking areas at vantage points.

Town Planning and Architecture Services

Most of the places in India still do not have a master plan for area development. Master plans need to be prepared keeping in view population growth (both natural and net migratory growth), socio-economic needs, employment potential, etc. Area development work can start thereafter either in one go or in phases, if required, but strictly in accordance with approved master plan.

Stormwater Drainage System

Excessive rains last year and this year, rapidly growing population and inadequate de-silting/clearing of storm water drains have exposed the inadequacy of the existing system in the form of rampant area flooding. The storm water drainage system thus requires a fresh approach towards its design to cater to the unprecedented drainage needs for a period of at least 25 to 30 coming years and the system needs to be augmented or redone altogether.

Portable Water Supply System

Supply of drinking water meeting BIS quality standards need to be sourced, treated using suitable water treatment plants to meet the quality standards, from nearby river/water reservoir and piped to the consumer.

Solid Waste Management System

Area specific solid waste collection, segregation and disposal environment friendly strategies need to be implemented. The disposable system should be focusing on recycling/reuse, composting, waste to energy conversion systems, etc. so as to avoid conventional dumping as landfills.

Renovating Old Monuments and Promoting Tourism

In order to protect cultural and historical heritage and promote tourism existing monuments, if any, need to be renovated and protected. This task will be performed in association with Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI).

Design of Utility Buildings

Design of community centers, health centers, recreation centers, shopping centers, education centers and institutions, etc.

Area, Road and Street Lighting

Making extensive use of solar energy and energy conserving LED lamps without compromising on required Lux/illumination levels.

Fire Fighting Facilities

Comprehensive fire fighting solutions for public and private buildings as per coral requirement.

City Gas Pipeline

Piped natural gas network (PNG) for supply of gas from a bulk supply point to households for cooking purpose.

Rooftop Solar Panel

Evaluating solar energy potential of private and public buildings, it’s cost benefit analysis, technical and supervisory services for procurement, installation and commissioning of rooftop solar panel systems.

Air Pollution Measurement and Control (specific to SPM)

Industrialization, large vehicular movements, construction activities and also a few agricultural activities have caused pollution reach alarming levels all across our country. This calls for appropriate monitoring measures and innovative technological solutions for control.