• Revolution to Change Indian Cities

    Govt. intention to clean Indian towns as per people aspiration is no less in magnitude with compare to green revolution and white revolution.

  • Town Catalyst

    Town Catalyst  a Set of Ideas based on experience and ground realities where each idea is the pillar to others which can hasten the process of meeting citizen's aspirations.

  • Catalyst

    Town catalyst will catalyse resources, efforts of government and NITI Aayog and all the technologies and engineering practices available in the industry.

“According to Article 21 of Indian Constitution right to life does not merely mean animal existence. All the aspects of life which go to make human life meaningful, complete and worth living are of utmost importance. It is in this context that a well planned and properly developed rural/semi-urban/urban habitat, thus far grossly neglected in India, assumes a humongous importance.”

Catalyzing Transformation of Old Towns and Cities

Catalyst will be a team of professionals dedicated to enhancement of quality of life of people of old towns and cities by providing innovative technical and supervisory services to concerned municipal authorities for re-construction activities in a smooth manner.
Who We Are?

Town Catalyst Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (Town Catalyst) is a start-up consulting company registered in India with a view to catalyze transformation of places of habitat- villages, towns, cities, etc. Town Catalyst has been promoted by three individuals, each having more than 40 years of experience in development of large infrastructure projects, who themselves hail from poorly developed small towns/cities with an aspiration to see their hometowns develop into a near-smart city if not smart. People in general share the same sentiments about their hometowns and want to see them develop beautifully.

Incidentally Govt. of India off late has shown priority and urgency towards rural and urban development as can been see from the various missions announced by the government like Swacch Bharat Mission, Jal Jeevan Mission, Amrut 2, etc. and has allocated huge funds for this purpose. However, despite such noble intentions and funds being available there are concerns for achieving intended targets. The probable reasons for this lackluster progress are lack of:

  1.  Planning of cities and regions
  2.  Institutional clarity
  3. Adequate and technically qualified planners in public sector 
  4. Specialized professionals, challenges in growth of Urban-Planning profession 
  5.  Awareness about Urban Planning

Also, there are challenges like roping in private sector in development which is thus far handled only by State Authorities, developing urban-planning professionals, and ensuring participation of able urban planning development consultants. 

Thus, there is a dire need for able private consultants who can handhold the Local Area Development Authorities, mostly State owned, and guide them through the process of planning, contracting/procurement, project management and quality surveillance till completion. Town Catalyst aims to provide such handholding service to the Local Area Authorities as a one stop service provider.

What are we there for?
Town Catalyst is a private consultant with a team of specialized devoted professionals who will be engaged in an integrated and holistic area development planning using state of the art and environmentally sustainable technologies. The purpose of Town Catalyst is to catalyze the process of habitat transformation from conceptual planning till completion of infrastructure development as a consultant without getting into physical construction. The idea is to bring about a ‘Silver Revolution’, if we may call it so, to transform unimpressive towns and cities and make them tantalizing, glittery and convenient to live- the way ‘Green Revolution’ and ‘White Revolution’ brought about revolution in food grain and milk production in our country respectively.

We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.


Ethnographic Studies

The process of habitat planning starts with ethnographic studies. The purpose of the study is to identify the historical and cultural heritage of the local people, their socio-economic needs and their inherent potential and skills.

Sewerage System

Growing concern for hygiene and sanitation necessitates all settlements to have properly designed sewerage system completely segregated from storm water system. The affluent water from the sewerage system need to treated in a sewage system plant before it is drained into nalaahs and rivers.

Design of Utility Buildings

Design of community centers, health centers, recreation centers, shopping centers, education centers and institutions, etc.



Main Focus Areas

  • Ethnographic Studies
  • Road, Traffic Management and Parking
  • Sewer System
  • Water Quality and Quantity
  • Solid Waste
  • City Gas Pipeline
  • Assistance in obtaining Credit Rating
  • Landscaping
  • Air Pollution (specific to SPM)
  • Renovating Old Monuments
  • Places of Public Recreation
  • Tourism
  • Rooftop Solar Panel
  • Fire Fighting Facility
  • Stormwater Drainage
  • Software Platforms for Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

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